Real World Erotic Fiction: Pocket Porn Series 1
These erotic stories take place around the turn of the millennium, following a community of trans women and their friends, family, and lovers. These stories were specifically crafted to address issues of transmisogyny in queer communities. They show a wide diversity of ways in which people represent their genders and address a range of issues from abuse to sex-negative community norms to cultural appropriation.

Fantasy Genre Erotica: Pocket Porn Series 2 & 3
Gender switching shape shifters, territorial dragons, sensitive vampires with traumatic pasts, kinky forest guardians, polyamorous daemons, magic, love and sex — what could be better? These character and relationship focused erotic stories are set in rich fantasy worlds. Series 2 is set in a world that brings the gender, sexual, relationship, racial and cultural diversity of the real world to a fantasy setting. Series 3 is set in Alchemy, a whimsical fantasy world that is a queer and poly focused mash-up of fantasy novel tropes and fairytales that is at times dark and light-hearted.

Other Zines: Non-Fiction and Short Stories
These writings cover a wide range of topics: craigslist casual encounters, trans-centered prison abolition, gender-fuck photography, sex work, the complexity of identity, sociolinguistics, gender-neutral pronouns, and more! Each work aims to fill gaps and represent experiences that aren’t commonly talked about or made visible.

Print anthologies:
Check out Tobi’s stories in the exciting anthologies And Baby Makes More, Best Lesbian Erotica, and Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica.

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