The Artists

Tobi Hill-Meyer
Tobi Hill-Meyer is just about your average multiracial, pansexual, transracially inseminated queerspawn, genderqueer, trans, dyke, colonized mestiza, pornographer, activist, writer. Tobi’s writings can be found at and on SexisMagaizine, and a variety of books. She won Emerging Filmmaker 2010 from the Feminist Porn Awards for her work directing the first porn film by and for trans women, Doing it Ourselves: The Trans Women Porn Project.

Fay Onyx
A queer, genderqueer, pagan, poly, kinky artist, ze enjoys making both written and visual art. Ze is especially fond of writing, collage, book binding, bold colors, and mixed media. Ze thinks a lot about the intersections of oppression and loves to write fantasy stories that incorporate as much of the richness and diversity of this world as ze can.

Ronan is a writer, musician and aspiring healer. She likes to defuse oppression through empowering linguistics, radical histories, creative puzzling, mutually supportive communities, and turning everything upside down to see if it makes more sense that way. Some things she does not like are transphobia, racism, fatphobia, proscriptive linguistics, and prisons. She likes sex positivity, experiments, and learning new things.

Briar is an anarcha-feminist sex worker who enjoys squashing the dominant paradigm while maintaining a clandestine identity. However, her zines claw their way out with no sense of secrecy. So if you would like to know her, she suggests reading those.