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Happy International Fisting Day!

To celebrate I went out and got my first tattoo! I’ve actually been sitting with and refining this tattoo design for quite a while when I heard the call for action on International Fisting Day and decided to finally move forward with it.

I first created the fist design back in the summer of 2010 when I was working on the logos for the Radical Gender Resistance and the Androdyke Brigade for my film, The Genderfellator. When the screenprinter I was working with decided to go on vacation at the last minute, however, the design never made it into the film. So I sat with it, and decided to use it for my own version of the classic raised fist in the feminist symbol design.

Fisting is pretty significant to me. It’s a powerful way to connect with a partner, and to feel someone all around me like that can be breathtaking. And while plenty of straight folks engage in fisting, there’s something about it that feels pretty queer to me.

This symbol also represents the direction my activism faces. By shifting the positioning of the fingers in the fist it shifts from a tool of violence (which certainly has its places) to a tool of giving pleasure. As cheesy as it sounds, long ago I realized that it’s not my path to change the world with an angry fist in the air, but to leave my mark through love, caring, and positive sexuality. Sexual revolution is not solely a transformation of sexual ethics influenced by our politics, but a transformation of politics influenced by our sexual ethics. Step by step, fuck by fuck, things are changing. This mark on my body represents my commitment to that change.