Q: Why are you called Handbasket Productions? Do you make baskets?
A: Our name and logo are the brainchildren of Fay Onyx, loosely and playfully drawn from the phrase “going to hell in a handbasket.” It is meant as a tongue-in-cheek response to the reactionary, hateful extremism that has hurt so many people in our community. We do not make baskets.

Q: Are your movies erotica or porn?
A: There is a long ongoing debate over the difference between pornography and erotica. One commonly held definition of “porn” is material that reduces people to sexual objects, that promotes unrealistic expectations around sex and bodies, that relies on harmful and sexist depictions, that has poor or abusive working conditions, and that has no redeeming political or artistic content. Our work is the polar opposite of this. Our work varies in style and focus (for example, the Genderfellator is a sci-fi parody romp, whereas Doing It Again is an in-depth documentary centering trans women and their partners), but what does not vary is our commitment to ensuring that the people who appear on screen feel valued for who they are and empowered to be sexual in the ways that feel best to them. Some may call this “erotica,” while others may call it “feminist porn.”

Q: Do your movies have subtitles or other accessibility tools?
A: Doing it Ourselves and The Genderfellator both have subtitles in English. There are Spanish and French subtitles available for Doing it Ourselves. All three volumes of Doing It Again will definitely have subtitles and closed captioning; currently we have translators working on English, Spanish, French, and possibly German. We are also working on descriptive audio service for Doing it Again. Accessibility tools are important to us and we are always working to add more.

Q: What does “cis” mean?
A: Cis, or cisgender/cissexual, simply means someone who is not trans or transgender/transsexual. It is a value-neutral alternative to previous terms such as “normal,” “biological,” or “genetic,” which all imply that trans people are less normal, less biological, or less genetic. The term cis and trans are both Latin prefixes that are used in other areas of language, such as science and geography.