Groundbreaking Erotic Documentary Exploring Trans Women’s Sexuality is Released

Fearless Revealing, the second volume of the Doing it Again series by Handbasket Productions is now available for download. Riding the line between pornography and documentary, this series is an provacative and stimulationg portrait of trans women’s sexuality.

Seattle, WA.
April 16th, 2014

Doing it Again is a detailed exploration of trans women’s relationships and hookup dynamics, created by Handbasket Productions. Earlier this month Playful Awakening, the first volume of this erotic documentary series, won the Special Documentary Award from Germany’s Transgender Film Festival an Honorable Mention from the Feminist Porn Awards. Now the second volume, Fearless Revealing, has been released for digital download.

Doing it Again: Fearless Revealing focuses on trans women and their cis (non-trans) partners. Weaving together explicit scenes and interview footage, this eye-opening series is as tantalizing as it is informative. “For so many people, porn is the first or only place that they learn about trans women, and often what is meant as fantasy is assumed to be our real life experiences,” says director Tobi Hill-Meyer. “I’m excited that this series will now be one of the options for those same audiences to enjoy while gaining a sense of the range of what trans women’s sexuality can entail.

With episodes five through nine, this volume includes gentle dominance/submission, long term relationships, newly dating couples, strap on fucking, conversation around coming out as trans and as being attracted to trans people, light bondage, managing disclosure of trans status, experiencing harassment, sensation play including fire and electricity, polyamorous support networks, and finding community.

Release of physical DVDs is being delayed due to an exciting new distribution deal with Pure Play Media and are expected in the coming months.

Handbasket Productions is a radical, oppression aware media collective focusing on queer culture, trans experience and sex positivity that has released two feature length films before the Doing it Again series, both of which have won Feminist Porn Awards.
Media Contact: Tobi Hill-Meyer,

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