Tobi Hill-Meyer is available for screenings and speaking engagements. She has over 15 years experience giving trainings, workshops, and other presentations. In addition to her work as director of each of Handbasket Productions’ films, she authored the Sexuality chapter of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves, is currently the External Coordinator of the Gender Justice League, and has performed in several notable shows such as Trans*Mission, Debauchery, and Girl Talk.

If you are interested in bringing Tobi to your school, conference, or community group, you can contact her at  You can see a sampling of her recent workshops and presentations below.

Additionally, the rest of the Handbasket Productions team is available for booking as well. There are several workshops and performance pieces that we’ve created together which benefit greatly from having each of us present to participate.  Please contact Tobi at the email address above for any such arrangements.

Recent Workshops and Presentations

  • Trans Bodies, Trans Sexualities
  • Not Victims, Not Fantasies: Sex Worker Realities
  • Femmephobia and Masculine Privilege in Queer/Trans Communities
  • Fighting Transmisogyny
  • Colonized Experience, Colonized Identities
  • Holding Allies Accountable, Starting with Yourself
  • Productively Responding to Criticism
  • Bridging the Other Gender Divide: Organizing Between Trans Men and Trans Women
  • What Makes Porn Feminist?
  • Porn as a Social Justice Tactic (can be done in conjunction with a screening or a writing workshop)
  • Writing Erotica Workshop *Understanding Polyamory
  • Transracial Adoption in White Queer Communities
  • Building Individual, Community, and Movement Resiliency
  • Video Storytelling
  • Zine Making
  • Stripped Bare: a performance piece on experiencing transmisogynistic harassment