Archive: Doing it Again – Second Casting Call

Please help spread the word – we’re doing a second round of casting for the erotic documentary Doing it Again specifically looking to cast scenes of trans women with trans partners.  We’re looking for couples, friends, fuckbuddies, and individuals willing to be paired with someone – yes that includes trans men applying individually!  (If you’ve already applied before, please see the note at the top of the new casting call for what this means for you).

Anyone who is trans can apply but we’re specifically trying to get more submissions from:
* Trans Men – as a part of a relationship or individually to be paired with a trans woman.
* People of color
* People in existing relationships (especially long term)
* People over 40
* People in or near Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland

Please Apply!

Please see for more details about dates, locations, payment, and what this entails.  To learn more about the project in general, see our (completed) kickstarter campaign here:

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