About Us

We are a radical, oppression aware media collective focusing on queer culture, trans experience and sex positivity. Spanning non-fiction, fiction and fantasy genres, we create and distribute books, zines, film, music and other art covering a variety of topics including sex work, polyamory, racism and queerspawn experience.

With our porn we strive to create hot and authentic depictions of the diversity of queer and trans people’s sexuality. We are committed to creating portrayals of sexuality that centralize trans, queer and polyamorous experience (rather than otherizing it). For us porn is a hot and fun way to explore a wide
range of issues, broaden minds, and create an inclusive cultural space.

Our non-fiction work, both in film and written media, aims to fill gaps and represent experiences that aren’t commonly talked about or made visible.

In our fantasy writing we seek to create and explore imaginary worlds that include the gender, sexual, relationship, racial and cultural diversity of this world.
These erotic stories focus on the relationships and events in the lives of complex characters, delving into different issues when they come up in the character’s lives rather than making any one issue the focus of the story.

Throughout our work we strive to provide diverse representations of individuals and realistic characters predominantly set within queer and trans communities.
Within these representations we seek to address important and difficult issues, including growing up with LGBTQ parents, healing from abuse, transphobia
in queer communities, racism in queer communities, sex work, dealing with sex negative community norms, and transmisogyny.

We hope you enjoy your experience with us as we strive to create a vibrant and enjoyable cultural space that can truly include all of us.

Handbasket Productions is run by a dynamic group of writers, artists, and performers. We are available for education, including speaking engagements, workshops, and performances.

Between us we have over two dozen years of experience doing a wide range of education and performance.

Collectively we were listed among the 25 most significant queer women of 2010 by Velvet Park.