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mo8Ei_support_videos_with_logoI’m really excited to see the Patreon support for Doing It Online take off. In it’s first month, 50 people pledged enough money to finance a new episode every other month! If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, go look at the different rewards and the youtube-safe video at my patreon page. (Note: you can’t find it by searching or even google searching because it’s tagged as “NSFW” and they removed search-ability, so don’t lose that link.)

Earlier this year, looking over website memberships I had to wonder if I’d have to shut down later this year. The success already happenening gives me new optimism that this series is something that could not only keep going but that I could dedicate new energy into. Although I do want to remind you that the bare-bones budget level that we’re at right now does *not* include paying myself even while it means I have to take up the slack from not being able to hire certain help. That keeps things going for now and helps me get through the backlog of episodes that have been shot but need to be edited, however, to be able to sustain this long term and keep shooting new content we’ll need to bring more and more supporters on board.

2014 Tobi casualI really do rely on your support to make this happen. Thanks to all the people signing up for memberships starting at just $3.42/mo, but you don’t need any money to help support this project. I could really use some help getting the word out there about it.

  • Post about it – use any social media to let people know about this series. But more than just re-posting the link it’s your endorsement that makes a big difference. Including just a few words about why this project is important to you makes a big difference.
  • Share my short autobiographical film about my experience in mainstream porn and how it inspired me to create a better alternative.
  • Let people know about the free membership program
  • Write a review – contact me at to request a review copy or free month membership to review. And be sure to let me know when you’ve posted a review so that I can point people to it.
  • Recommend it to a friend. Mention it in conversation, send an email, or whatever. It’s easy for folks to miss or ignore things in the constant social media stream. This works especially great if you’re not comfortable posting about sexually explicit content on your social media.
  • Tell your writer/blogger/podcast friends about it — send them my press release. From the trans empowerment angle, to the tech aspects of how Patreon is a game-changer, to the rise from rejected¬†mainstream porn performer to indy porn and erotic art producer, there are several interesting stories folks could tell around me and my work, and I’m happy to do interviews.
  • Send some fan mail to me at – it really means a lot to me when I hear from you that you appreciate the work I do. Sometimes it can seem like I’m someone who’s “made it” because I have my creative works out in the world, but really it continues to be a struggle just to keep moving on the next project. It can get tiring and sometimes and what keeps me going is knowing the impact I’m having on people’s lives.

I know that this project couldn’t exist without community support, and I’m grateful to have a community that values this kind of work as much as I do.