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We are a radical, oppression-aware media collective focusing on trans experience, queer culture, and sex positivity. With our films we strive to create hot and authentic depictions of the diversity of sexuality that centralize, rather than otherize, trans experience. We hope you enjoy your experience with us as we strive to create a vibrant and enjoyable cultural space that can truly include all of us.

Sex Conference Un-invites Keynote Speaker For Being Too Racy?

Sex Conference Un-invites Keynote Speaker For Being Too Racy?Tristan Taormino was scheduled to keynote the upcoming Modern Sex conference hosted by Oregon State University, with a talk entitled “Claiming Your Sexual Power.”This past Monday, January 17th, university administrators decided to refuse funding for her talk and the conference was forced to cancel her appearance – after she had already purchased airline tickets on the promise of being reimbursed, which presumably won’t be happening. When the news hit the blogosphere the following day, the university was silent on their reasoning and have not yet released a statement regarding the cancellation. The university communications person I spoke with informed me that the appointed spokesperson was sent out of town for most of the day and when I did eventually get in touch with him he was Read More

Doing it Ourselves Background Vision

Doing it Ourselves Background VisionThis was written a few years ago when I first started casting for Doing it Ourselves.  It’s been posted on handbasketproductions.com since then, but I’m about to redesign the website so it makes sense to archive it here.   Background and Context Mainstream pornography is a field rife with criticism about sexism, racism, objectification, and exploitation.  There is also a fairly strong history of activists confronting these issues by stepping up to make porn that better suits a feminist and oppression-aware perspective. Most people are aware that the mainstream representation of “girl-on-girl” pornography is often considered “fake” lesbians.  Such representations include a variety of inaccuracies and stereotypes.  But the problem does not rest with the performers.  In fact, many actresses who do “girl-on-girl” are lesbian, bi, or queer, however, Read More

Doing it Ourselves – Different Editions

Doing it Ourselves – Different EditionsMore random information about the Doing it Ourselves film placed here to be archived: In true DIY fashion, the first two production runs of this film were done at home and with the help of a local copy shop.  However, it took over half an hour per copy to produce and was simply not sustainable for a larger production.  The third production run was done by professional disc manufacturer, JenCo.  As the technique was refined and errors corrected, you may notice a few interested differences.  Those interested in earlier runs as collector’s items may specifically request an earlier production run in the special instructions section of an order. First Production Run Cover: Uses a previous name Drew Deveaux used and approximate runtime. Disc label: Aprx runtime, 1 5/8″ white Read More

Happy International Fisting Day!

Happy International Fisting Day!To celebrate I went out and got my first tattoo! I’ve actually been sitting with and refining this tattoo design for quite a while when I heard the call for action on International Fisting Day and decided to finally move forward with it. I first created the fist design back in the summer of 2010 when I was working on the logos for the Radical Gender Resistance and the Androdyke Brigade for my film, The Genderfellator. When the screenprinter I was working with decided to go on vacation at the last minute, however, the design never made it into the film. So I sat with it, and decided to use it for my own version of the classic raised fist in the feminist symbol design. Fisting is Read More